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PRELIMINARY MEETING: February 6, 2019 at 7.00pm
BEGIN OF THE SCHOOL: March 6, 2019 at 7.00pm
END OF THE SCHOOL: to be defined
FINAL EXAM: to be defined

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    The Gruppo Magico Triestino (GMT) is a non-profit association, in Trieste, which groups enthusiasts of Magic not only from our city, but also from all over Friuli Venezia Giulia, from Slovenia and Croatia. The GMT meetings are held here, in a room with a stage with an audio/light system. The meetings usually take place from the beginning of February to the end of December, every second Wednesday from 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm. The GMT organizes a magic course aimed at all those who are pleased to get in touch with the world of prestidigitation. The course is aimed at beginners, so no specific knowledge is required, even if it is frequent that some students present themselves with a base developed as self-taught thanks to some video or book. The dates and the program will be announced on this page of our site. The course is open to everyone, although we recommend that students have completed at least 9-10 years. In some cases it is possible to make an exception, to be evaluated individually.
The course is structured as follows:

- theoretical-practical lessons
- lessons of refinement and preparation for the final exam
- final exam, also open to relatives and friends of the students!

The topics covered during the course are:

- History of magic
- Magic with common objects or "impromptu" magic
- Magic with playing cards
- Magic with coins
- Magic with ropes
- General magic
- Manipulation
- Mentalism
- Comedy magic

Each student will be provided with tools of professional level (decks of cards, rope, balls and other things that we can not yet reveal) and a printed book of more than 200 pages with the description of everything learned in the course and even more. All this material will remain the property of the student. For more information, please read the two pdf files you find on this page. At the end of the course, students will have the opportunity to register for our association and, at that point and as full members, can attend our meetings and attend conferences of professional Italian and foreign magicians, visits to magical homes who sell specialized tools, attend advanced level lessons, or simply show off some prestige games they are working on and want to improve.
If you like to see some pictures of our courses, click here... and look at the photos of the Conferences.

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