Our Masters

Il Gruppo Magico Triestino is proud to have had three great Masters:
Steno Schaffer, Gino Chetta, Marino Giberna.

Steno Schaffer was born on May 15, 1903 in Trieste, which was still part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
He began to take an interest in prestige games at the age of twelve, after seeing a show of the famous Fregoli.
After graduating from university, he devoted himself to prestidigitation as a professional.
He made his debut at the Winter Garten in Berlin and continued with a long tour in Germany.
In 1935 he made his debut at the Palladium in London and later at the Alhambra in Paris, where he stayed for six weeks.
Then he obtained great successes in the Middle East, in Egypt and in Kenya.manifesto
Master of five languages, supported by a remarkable culture and with great communication, beautiful presence, refinement and liking, he joined the Italian Magic Club (C.M.I.) in 1954 and in 1955 he was elected president.
On 1957 he was appointed Honorary President of C.M.I., continuing, with his charismatic presence, to confer the character of an event to the various national meetings.
The professor Schaffer, one of the last witnesses of the glorious period of Italian magic, died in Trieste on 13 January 1987.

Gino Chetta was born in Taviano (LE) on March 14, 1930, but in Trieste by adoption, he began his prestidigitation just fifteen years old.
He had in the professor Steno Schaffer and his school a sure and worthy guide.
One regret: despite all his talents, he will never want to become a professional.
He decided to cultivate the hobby of magic just for his personal pleasure.
In our Group, in addition to being a teacher of the school of magic, he held the position of artistic director for the shows of our Association, taking care of the preparation of the numbers of our artists and suggesting, thanks to his profound knowledge of magic, customized solutions and current.
One number in particular made him famous: the handling of fifteen balls and the appearance of five candlesticks lit by four arms!
At the initiative of the then president of C.M.I. Alberto Sitta and directed by Mario Altobelli, was held the fourth International Festival of Magic (Rossetti Theater of Trieste - 1988).
Exceptional cast: Loredana Piccini (presenter), Tony Binarelli, Linda Lorenzi, Silvan, Chun Chin Fu (Alberto Sitta), Gino Chetta, Giorgio Allegretto, Renzo Rosini, Domenico Dante and partner, Marino Giberna.
The official organ of the Italian Magic Club, to which the best Italian professional magicians are affiliated, dedicated to Gino Chetta the cover number 2 of June 1967.
Inside, the presentation started like this:
"To look for an example of stubborn constancy, of methodical study in every detail, of technical perfection and of all the qualities that contribute to the formation of a true artist, we can not help but resort to Gino Chetta, a noble example to all his colleagues .... "
Gino prepared his number for ten long years, taking care with maniacal meticulousness all the details: technique, originality, art of presentation, stage elegance.
  The program was based on a difficult appearance and manipulation of 15 balls, interspersed by the choreographic appearance of numerous four-armed candlesticks, with lighted candles and which arose, as by miracle, from as many light silk foulard.
When he proposed it to the fifth International Festival of S. Andrea, it was a real triumph! Gino won the "Wizard of Silver 1965", clearly detaching all the numerous competitors (taken from "Magia Moderna" No. 2 - June 1967).
The Master Gino Chetta died in Trieste on 8 July 2013.

Marino Giberna was born in Trieste in 1931, he practiced the "magic" for hobby but, for a certain period he also practiced as a professional.
One of the many applauded performances by prof. Steno Schaffer made sure, in 1945, that the fourteen-year-old Marino chose the way that would lead him to the triumphs in the magic field.
At begin some little game with the cards; then the manipulation of foulards, rings, doves, cylinders and many other tools of the trade.
Since 1955 Marino Giberna is part of that formidable trio of "magicians" - Giberna, Chetta, Martini - who under the guidance of prof. Steno Schaffer, at that time president of the Gruppo Magico Triestino was second only to the Dutch masters and from these, rightly, feared.
They were the worthy representatives of that school in Trieste that went back to the Viennese traditions and which aspired, rightly, to the absolute primates in the field of prestidigitation (taken from "IL PICCOLO" of Wednesday 6 October 1965).

Numerous are the prizes collected by Marino Giberna (Gilberti), among which:

- "Bacchetta d'oro", in 1953, at the national meeting in Bologna,
- "Bacchetta d'oro", in 1964, at the national meeting in Bologna,
- Second place, in 1965, at the international festival of S. Andrea,
- First place, in 1965, at "Burgh Theater" in Vienna.
He was the creator and director of the first "School of Magic"  
(1971) in Trieste and in Italy.
Assisted by Gino Chetta he found himself, at the first lesson, a hundred passionate children.
After hard selections, only six boys remained, the most tenacious that succeeded, that year, to grab the first and third place at the festival of Saint Vincent:

    Paolo Giberna (First prize)
    Paolo Verbitz (Third prize)  
    Dario Cassetti
    Andrea Moro
    Franco Bandelli
    Giuliano Filippi

The team from Trieste, thanks to the other excellent placings, has secured the cup offered by the City of Saint Vincent for the city best represented.

le mani magiche Magic Week at the Teatro Alfieri in Torino (1963):
The participants in the press conference pose for a photo that was published on “LA STAMPA” under the title“The magic hands”.
From left to bottom: Prof. Steno Schaffer, Karton, Maruska, Alberto Sitta, Anna Brusini, Heinz Fischer, Charlotte Fischer and, standing, Vinicio Raimondi and Marino Giberna.
(Magia Moderna n°4-2005).

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