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        Trieste can boast innumerable realities in the field of show and entertainment.Gino Chetta
Our Association: "Gruppo Magico Triestino", is one of these Marino Gibernareality, for years little known here in Trieste, but not for this lacking in vivacity. We have in fact passed the 65th year of activity and, throughout this period, many artists have affirmed themselves in the art of magic and prestidigitation.
    Founded with the initial name of "Gruppo Illusionistico Triestino", it was established in 1954 by two magic art lovers: Luigi Chetta (Gino Chetta, n.1930, +2013) e Marino Giberna.
Immediately after he joined the well-known professional prof. Steno Schaffer (n.1903, +1987), remembered as an excellent hypnotist and a great expert in games of illusionism, who grew up at the strict Austrian magic school of Ottokar Fischer.Steno Schaffer
    To these artists, in the space of a few years, other famous names were added: Tullio Granbassi e Nevio Martini first, followed by Giorgio Allegretto (Michel), Nazzareno Ricci (Renor), Renzo Rosini, Ivo Valetic (Vikj).Tullio Granbassi
Tullio Granbassi (n.1921, +1998) was a very young student of Professor Schaffer, and after several performances in the city he won the "Competition of the Amateur" for artists of varied art. He was known in the Italian Magic Club as "Wizard of the Ropes" (he held numerous conferences throughout Italy on the subject). In 1978 he was a finalist for the Bacchetta d'Argento and in 1983 he won the 1st prize in General Magic in Lipica (Slo).
Nevio Martini becomes a magician reading the book by Romanoff "The Woods Emule" performing at first from cruise ships and receiving considerable success, which will lead him to become a professional magician. He became a member of the Italian Magic Club and won several international awards Nevio Martiniawards including the prestigious Wizard of Silver. Still a professional, he is redactor of Magia Moderna.
RenorGiorgio Allegretto won the Bacchetta d'Argento, and was president of the Gruppo Magico Triestino for several years.
Nazzareno Ricci conquered the Silver Wand and he was classified third in the Magic Meeting of the Three Venices in General Magia. He is famous for his number of "clocks" which earned him the nickname "Lord of Time", jokingly renamed by Silvan "the watchmaker".
Renzo Rosini was also president of the Gruppo Magico Triestino for several years. He won the Silver Wand and various international awards.
Ivo Valetic has won many prestigious awards, including the 3rd Prize in General Magic at the FISM of 1991. VikjSince then he has performed many gala and conferences all over the world. Having fun while having fun is the "philosophy" of its performances.Nada
In the art of prestidigitation, considered a strictly male sector, there were female presences: Federica Veos (Van Veos), Elena Valente (Khymera), Nada Carli (Karly Ann) e Germana Grudina (Alinda), who contributed to know the magic of Trieste in all of Europe.
Federica Veos winner of numerous international awards all over Europe, was the first woman to compete in a male category.Germana Grudina
Elena Valente ranked second at the International Congress of Sait-Vincent.
Nada Carli debuted sixteen in the group of Ivo Valetic. Enchanted by Magic, she debuted two years later, collecting numerous hits and winning numerous prestigious international awards, and performing all over Europe and beyond.
Germana Grudina, enfant prodige, won the Bacchetta d'Argento at only 10 years at the Il Meridiano International Congress of Bologna.
    Thanks to the commitment of these artists and to those of other members added later, the Magical Group Triestino can boast a substantial number of national and international awards, so as to give to Trieste the nickname of "Capital of Illusionism".
    Today, our Association aims to promote and make known the art of prestidigitation and illusionism and to make learning and disseminating the culture and history linked to it. In this sense we recognize and seek the social function of entertainment, based on magic shows and we pursue the aim of contributing to the cultural formation of society, also through the carrying out of such manifestations. In this sense, we aim to achieve these objectives through the following main activities:

- Bringing together all the professionals, amateurs and amateurs of prestidigitation, living in Trieste and in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region

- Set up public events, with a national, regional, national and international character (see Appuntamenti...)

- Organize the "school of magic" for newbies, without age limits, but especially aimed at young people (see Magic School...)

- Organize preparatory activities for learning the art of prestidigitation and illusionism for its members (see Advanced magic courses...)

- Collaborate with similar associations whose goals are intended to be shared.
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